Manijeh greeting


Hello,  I'm Manijeh,

I have been making individual clothes from my own hand-dyed textiles in my Cheshire workshop since 1980.

I produce easy to wear stylish clothes in natural textiles, suitable for all sizes and all occasions.  All my clothes are washable (most are machine washable) and are easy to care for.  I dye a piece of fabric specially for each item, so every garment I produce is unique.  I also utilise woven fabrics to compliment our own home produced fabrics.

I started to dye textiles over three decades ago.   I came to it by accident, but soon knew that textiles and their colouring were going to be my primary work.   My love and expertise is in colour.  I blend dyes to achieve various hues and tones, and I dye and print natural blends and mixes of cloth.  

I utilise my dyed textiles to design and make clothes.
I dye all natural blends of cloth according to the season, such as linen, silks, velvet, wool or a combination of these yarns.   
I love working with textiles and colour and I hope it shows.



English Garden collection

jackets in a silk and linen weave