headbands in bowl.jpg
Hello to everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.
Just like the rest of the country we have been self isolating.
With all the forthcoming events cancelled or postponed, it has not been easy to motivate ourselves in dyeing and making garments, not knowing whether we should be dyeing the lighter-weight cloth suitable for Spring and Summer or move onto the heavier Winter fabrics.
However, the positive side of it for us has been to use our left over pieces of hand dyed textiles to make these one-off headbands. One size fits all and each one is individually made.
They are £35.00 each which includes first class postage.  If you would like one please indicate, from the upper picture, the one you wish to purchase.  If you wish we can post it to an alternative address and include a note which mentions you as the giver.
Looking forward to when we can meet again!
To order please email your 1st and 2nd choice from the top picture.